Our product is a booking widget attached in Our client's website.Put this in head section:
‹script defer src=""›‹/script›
Put this in any element of your web page:
access="[----accesscode----]"› // mandatory: your personal access code
provider="5" // optional: your provider id (provider mode)
product="1" // optional: your product id (single product mode)
button-title="Book Now" // optional: button title, default will be "Book Now"
button-style="background-color: black; color: white" // optional: your custom css style for the button
panel-title="Luxia Resort & Villa" // optional: your popup panel title, default will be "Doonia, One-stop booking solutions"
inline // optional: inline or inpage display mode, instead of popup with button, default will be popup
mode="booking" // optional: widget system mode (booking, enquiry (coming soon), claim (coming soon)) default will be booking

It will show like this button below, and when we click it, the form booking will show in the popup modal.

Inline Mode Example

You can wrap it inside a div and customize the outer style of it